5 Common And Delicious Foods That Can Actually Kill You

From the contents of your kitchen, there are many foods that are delicious but potentially toxic and deadly. A lady, Scanlon had her stomach removed after drinking smoking liquid nitrogen shot called the Nitro-Jagermeister, given to her by an employee on her birthday. Almost immediately after taking the shot, smoke started coming out of her … Continue reading 5 Common And Delicious Foods That Can Actually Kill You

Signs Of Poor Nutrition

The right foods in the right amounts are integral to a long and healthy life. Our body’s needs change as we get older, and we may not need as many calories, but more of some nutrients like vitamin D. From data available, older adults don’t always get the nutrients they need. Thus, it can be … Continue reading Signs Of Poor Nutrition

We Are What We Eat

We are what we eat, but most of us will probably not quite believe it. After all, you've had beans and didn't sprout bean antennae. So, literally, we're not what we eat; are we? We are what we eat, and that is every bit as true as it is hard to appreciate. Just as our … Continue reading We Are What We Eat