9 Great Investment Opportunities For Nigerian Agropreneurs

There are varied opportunities and potentialities to be accessed in agriculture, however, it’s recommended to choose an agribusiness idea or venture to invest in which is an intersection of your natural personality and growing market demand. Also, there are capitals out there ready to back investments in the right agribusiness idea. For instance, the Nigerian Federal Government plans to inject $3.2 billion to the … Continue reading 9 Great Investment Opportunities For Nigerian Agropreneurs

Flower Aromatherapy

Cultivating flowers which are known for its nice odors will be a good agribusiness idea, as many hotels, restaurants, schools and public places will be open to the idea of using the flower to beautify and aerate their premises. More and more people are turning to the ancient power of essential oils as a natural … Continue reading Flower Aromatherapy

Organic Farming

Organic agriculture is the art, science, and industry of managing the growth of plants and animals for human use, in a holistic way. It is an agricultural production method, based on a dynamic balance between humanitarian, environmental and agronomic factors. Organic farming is the production method which is looking at the environment as the main … Continue reading Organic Farming