Importance of Agriculture and Its Role in Everyday Life

agriculture importance

Agriculture is an important source of livelihood in almost every part of the world. It can be a tough job, but it contributes to food security, health and wealth of the nation.

Before the industrial revolution, agriculture was the primary source of economy, and many rely on agriculture for their income.

Agriculture is a nature-friendly and most peaceful method of livelihood, and greatly affects other aspects of your everyday life. There are lesser-known reasons agriculture is so important. E.g The toothpaste you use on your brush to clean your teeth contains sorbitol, which is produced from the corn sugar dextrose.

Also, many cosmetic products benefit from agriculture; corncobs are finely ground and used in the making of cosmetic carriers.

Corn is also used in different forms in everything from lipsticks to powders, and can also be found in shampoo and conditioner.

Importance of Agriculture To Humans

Agriculture supplies food, clothing, medicine, raw materials, and employment all over the world. It provides food security to us, being the primary source of food and food products all over the world.

All the major food substances (carbohydrates, proteins, and oils) are sourced from agriculture.

The Carbohydrates supply energy to all the living beings and proteins are useful to build our body.

Sources of protein like legumes, meat, fish, and dairy all rely on agriculture and protein from vegetarian sources are cheap and healthy without chances of infections.

  • An aspect of agriculture that many consumers forget about is fuel. Ethanol is corn-derived oil and can be used in gasoline to power cars. Corn starch is also used in the production of tires, where it is used to help the rubber from sticking to the molds.
  • Sports teams and organizations rely on agriculture. In football, the balls are made using leather from cows, while in basketball; hardwood is used to make the floors for the courts. The leather is also used to make baseballs, and lots of different sports rely on turf grass growers to make their fields suitable for play. Cotton is used to make jerseys and uniforms, and several different types of wood in various sports.
  • Entertainment: The acoustic guitar is made from lumber, and some traditional instruments still have strings made from animal hair or intestines.
  • Enzymes: Enzyme papain is obtained from the papaya fruits, and is used as a natural enzyme. It can be used as a substitute for one of the digestive enzymes for indigestion, especially useful for old aged people.
  • Alkaloids: Many alkaloids are used as medicine, especially opium alkaloids like morphine which can be used to relieve severe pains, cough and also lose motions. These alkaloids are obtained by growing opium, and similar alkaloids are obtained by agriculture.

In rural areas of the world, agriculture is one of the biggest sources of employment and provides direct employment for farmers and daily wage workers. There is also employment for technicians of farm machines like tractors, harvester, farm cutting machines etc.

Furthermore, agriculture provides an opportunity for scientists in seed production, farm machine manufacture, pesticide and fertilizer manufacture. There is also scope in academics for teaching.

Agriculture is not only a job for men but also for women. A 2012 data, reported that 1 million women work for agriculture in the United States, and that contributes to $12.9 billion in agricultural sales.

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