5 Common And Delicious Foods That Can Actually Kill You

foods that kill

From the contents of your kitchen, there are many foods that are delicious but potentially toxic and deadly.

A lady, Scanlon had her stomach removed after drinking smoking liquid nitrogen shot called the Nitro-Jagermeister, given to her by an employee on her birthday.

Almost immediately after taking the shot, smoke started coming out of her nose and mouth, her stomach “expanded,” and she became violently sickened. She was rushed to a medical wing for surgery to remove her stomach and small bowel after the liquid nitrogen had punctured her stomach and destroyed the internal tissue.

This example may be an extreme case of food poisoning, but you should know that foods, and by foods, I mean natural foods, not foods soaked in chemicals, have the potential to kill you, too.

Not to prevent you from enjoying some nutritious fruits, vegetables, and the sort, but you should know the dangers. Take note of where foods’ naturally occurring chemicals and toxins are lurking.


Cherries seem harmless, but their pits can do a lot of damage. Aside from being nearly impossible to chew, or crack with your teeth, the stones of fruits like cherries, apricots, plums, and peaches contain cyanogenic compounds that turn to cyanide when crumpled.

If you accidentally swallow a cherry pit, don’t sweat it; they’re rarely poisonous when eaten whole since you going to poop it out whole. Just be sure to avoid the broken pits, since just one or two of these seeds can do you in, and that’s not a very triumphant way to go out.


Every mushroom ain’t made the same or equal. Cremini mushrooms might make perfect pasta toppers, but some species contain poisons that can really kill.

So be extremely careful when buying and consuming mushrooms.


The juicy, red tomato fruit contains a poison, called glycoalkaloid, in its leaves. This poisonous compound is known to cause upset stomachs, severe cramping, and anxiety. So steer clear of the leaves and stems of the tomato plant.


One of the most common allergies all around the world is from peanuts. The most severe response is anaphylaxis, which can lead to severe constriction of the airways, resulting in shock, and even loss of consciousness.

It can cause death if left untreated. So, know your allergies before walking anywhere near these delicacies or their addictive friend; the peanut butter.

Raw Meat and Uncooked Eggs

Raw meat like red meat, poultry, and seafood, including uncooked eggs can contain salmonella bacteria, which can cause gastroenteritis in human beings.

Salmonella poisoning can enter the bloodstream, and lead to serious complications, that is life-threatening to people with weaker immune systems. So, please, cook your meat to avoid any risks.


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